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Have you are looking at your favourite or most wonderful pop songs track and ever got a wish to have some sort of quality sound for those you like? Ever imagined playing your favorite music with your voice or even some cool.Q: How to write a CASE statement in MySQL I have a SELECT statement as follows: SELECT `topic`, `topicName`, `definition`, `definition`, `meaning`, `meaning`, `variant`, `variant`, `synonyms`, `synonyms`, `translation`, `translation` FROM `entries` WHERE `tagId`=:tagId As you can see, there's a WHERE clause in the WHERE clause. I have two SELECT queries for the two cases of data being returned. AND: WHERE `tagId`=:tagId AND (`topic`="General Debates" OR `topicName`="General Debates") I'm trying to rewrite the WHERE clause so that one is selected based on the value of the variable. The resulting query should be: IF (`topic`="General Debates" OR `topicName`="General Debates") THEN (`topic`="General Debates" OR `topicName`="General Debates") ELSE (`topic`="General Debates" OR `topicName`="General Debates") AND (`topic`="General Debates" OR `topicName`="General Debates") I tried putting this as a CASE statement with no luck: CASE




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IKMultimediaKeyGencrack unifloo

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